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Cattle cultivation

Takuro Sakashita



Takuro Sakashita

Since many things are computerized here, I work like an office worker. I can give more attention to individual cows because I can leave much of the work to the machines.

Takuro Sakashita

I came here to

make this farm bigger.

I joined the company three years ago. My parents were dairy farmers, and I have been involved with cows ever since I graduated from an agricultural high school.

Actually, the president of the farm is a high school classmate of mine. My parents had a dairy farm but quit. I was working at a different farm when he asked me to set up the cultivation department to expand this farm.

Cultivation is the process of treating cows that have finished lactating about three months after giving birth, inseminating them, impregnating them, and managing them.

Each and every cow monitored by computer.
The computerized herd management system gathers information sent from sensors attached to the cow. The data is centrally controlled by the system. Early detection of estrus and poor body condition can be immediately received.
Even though we have such a large number of cows, we have only three people in charge of them.
When I arrive in the morning, I first use this system to check how the cows are doing. The system uses sensors to detect the unique movements of the cows when they are in heat. Determining the timing of estrus is most important.

Takuro Sakashita

A good combination of machines and human hands is the key.
We have a robotic feeding system, but we feed the smaller cows by hand and see how they do.
We start work around 7 a.m. and finish around 5 p.m.. I feel a bit like an office worker, haha!
I really enjoy working here.
I like the fact that we can share the results of our work with everyone, and see how the company can improve.

Takuro Sakashita

Ocean Link is recruiting staff in
charge of cattle cultivation.

Takuro Sakashita

Takuro Sakashita

Takuro Sakashita

For more information, see the application guidelines and apply from the form.

Application Requirements

Job Description

Tasks such as calf care and rearing, collecting left-over cattle feed etc.
Working as a team with others.

To be more specific, farm staff jobs include:
Dairy cow care
Calf care
Jobs around the farm
We want people like…
  • Persons with no dairy experience are very welcome!
    Any age/educational background
  • Can do simple tasks, and don’t need to be very good at Japanese.
  • Non Hokkaido residents are welcome!
  • Valid ordinary driver’s license required (Automatic-only license accepted)
    NOT required for international applicants.
Work location 158-1 Bansei, Taiki-cho, Hiro’o-gun, Hokkaido,

There are no transfers.
We have company dormitories very close to the company building.
Public housing and private apartments are also available.
Commuting by car is possible (free parking available).
Salary 200,000 – 350,000 yen per month.
【Yearly income example】
4.5 million yen per year (After 2 years of employment/ age:35/ monthly salary 230,000 yen + allowances)
Work hours 5:30~19:30 (Actual work: 8 hrs / Break: 6 hrs)

You’re free to spend your breaks however you want! No need to stay on the farm.
Holidays and vacations 6 holidays in 4 weeks. (shift system)
Paid holidays
◎Total of 79 days off per year
Treatment and Benefits
  • Complete social insurance
  • Salary increase available every two years. (as of 2022)
  • Bonus: 2 times a year. (depends on the company performance / *two-month worth salary as of 2022)
  • Company apartments and dormitories available.(Cooking utensils provided upon request)
  • Work clothes provided.
  • Paid overtime work.
  • No trial period.

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