Happy cows, happy people!

Join us in creating

a new dairy farm style

With you!

Ocean Link


Ocean Link is a large scale smart dairy
farm with a pleasant work environment
and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Ocean Link

Ocean Link



70,000 square meters

of land !

Ocean Link

It’s so large that it makes a huge tractor look like a small speck.

One of the largest dairy farms in Hokkaido.

Ocean Link



Meal time for

1500 cows

Ocean Link

They relax on a fluffy pasture mat after lunch.

Cow-friendly environment

Ocean Link



No need to go outside.


all-in-one indoor milking facility

Ocean Link

Computer-assisted milking

A workplace for you.
Find your place at Ocean Link Farm!

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Ocean Link

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Women pic

Women pic

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We welcome those who…

I would like to be a dairy farmer in the future.

I have no experience at all. Is that OK?

I would like to work in the Hokkaido’s beautiful nature.

I’m looking for a well-paid job.

I’m looking for a part time job.

I have a degree in agriculture.

I love cows. and other animals!

I’m looking for a new job post-retirement.


Who ever said work has to be hard!

Good !

Ocean Link

You’ll be surprised at how different this dairy farming job is.

Feeding is mainly controlled by robots. Most of the tiresome work is done by machines, so that workers’ main job is operating them.

  • Automatic feeder that goes around the cowshed.

    Automatic feeder

  • Feed pusher automatically detects stray feed and pushes it toward the cows.

    Feed pusher

  • Waste management is also done by machine.

    Automatic manure scraper

Since all the cows are monitored for health by computer. Smart dairy operations require no special knowledge.

Persons with no farm experience are welcome.

  • Ready-to-be-milked cows are also managed by computer.

    checked on the screen

  • Milking status can be checked by screen.

    checked on the screen


Employee-friendly work for everyone.
This is Ocean Link.

Good !

Ocean Link

  • Work location

    We are in Taiki, Hokkaido, a town famous for the space industry and rocket launching site. Moderately rural area but an hour drive to Obihiro, the central city in the area where you can go for fun on your days off. If lucky, you may be able to see a rocket in the sky!

    Hokkaido pic

  • Internship

    Short-term internship (work trial) are also possible.

    Ocean Link

  • Recreation

    Company social events in summer time: fireworks, BBQs, and more.


  • Interview

    Interviews can be scheduled even outside Hokkaido. And online interviews are of course available.

    Online interview

  • Easy for women to work

    Not much heavy work.Female candidates are welcome!

    women's restroom

    The farm has ladies’ room

  • Employee dormitory

    Looking for a job with living accommodations?Employee dormitories available within a 20-second walk!



  • Calf

    The baby calves are too adorable!

    Baby cows

  • Bansei Onsen

    After work, relax at the nearby spa (Bansei onsen)!

    spa (Bansei onsen)

  • President

    To be honest, persons with no experiences are the most welcome!

    president pic

Ocean Link staff

When raising healthy cows,
“human touch”
is needed at the final stage.

Good !

Ocean Link

Application Requirements

Job Description

Tasks such as calf care and rearing, collecting left-over cattle feed etc.
Working as a team with others.

To be more specific, farm staff jobs include:
Dairy cow care
Calf care
Jobs around the farm
We want people like…
  • Persons with no dairy experience are very welcome!
    Any age/educational background
  • Can do simple tasks, and don’t need to be very good at Japanese.
  • Non Hokkaido residents are welcome!
  • Valid ordinary driver’s license required (Automatic-only license accepted)
    NOT required for international applicants.
Work location 158-1 Bansei, Taiki-cho, Hiro’o-gun, Hokkaido,

There are no transfers.
We have company dormitories very close to the company building.
Public housing and private apartments are also available.
Commuting by car is possible (free parking available).
Salary 200,000 – 350,000 yen per month.
【Yearly income example】
4.5 million yen per year (After 2 years of employment/ age:35/ monthly salary 230,000 yen + allowances)
Work hours 5:30~19:30 (Actual work: 8 hrs / Break: 6 hrs)

You’re free to spend your breaks however you want! No need to stay on the farm.
Holidays and vacations 6 holidays in 4 weeks. (shift system)
Paid holidays
◎Total of 79 days off per year
Treatment and Benefits
  • Complete social insurance
  • Salary increase available every two years. (as of 2022)
  • Bonus: 2 times a year. (depends on the company performance / *two-month worth salary as of 2022)
  • Company apartments and dormitories available.(Cooking utensils provided upon request)
  • Work clothes provided.
  • Paid overtime work.
  • No trial period.

Check company info
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Application form

Please fill out this form and send to us. A representative will contact you directly for an interview. If you have any questions regarding employment, please use the inquiry form.

Name example)John Smith
Date of birth example)1999/09/10 → 19990910
Post code

Address example)○-○ Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Branch example)#○○ ○○Building
Email address example)mailaddress@gmail.com
Phone number example)070xxxxxxxx
Self-appeal, opinion, request

Privacy Policy for Recruitment and Employment